Good day ladies & gentlemen. Our goal for this blog is to get all youtubers on it so everyone can explore around and find new youtubers they like! We'll be posting pictures & some of their videos along with taking requests. We wont be able to follow back on this blog because its a separate one, but you can find our blogs in the FAQ along with how to be added to our list!
Your Youtubers
HI! stumbled across your nice little corner of the internet and wondered if you were in the market for a pair of youtubers who update every wednesday about all sorts of stuff? We are That One Couple TV! Check out our channel and the intro video that sits right one the page for a little more about who we are =] If you guys are interested send us an email at thatonecoupleblog at gmail Thanks! Dillon and Korina!

I havent updated in forever, but sure we’ll add you! 

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if you don't know what's happening with Sam Pepper



• he is a really famous YouTuber with 2.4 million subscribers. You can find his channel here.

• he posts a lot of “prank videos” where he harasses/sexually harasses women in the streets. By doing so, he makes harassment almost seem normal, which is why it wasn’t as big a problem before…

Hi, I am Kevin. I am a lead programmer at Gaijin INC. We are launchin the most impressive new game called WarThunder and I want to offer you the oportunity to test the latest release! Also every third tester will get a limited edition game T-Shirt. Just go to MY BLOG and try the game! Let my know how was it, we can chat after :)
I like the idea behind your blog. Giving the small YouTuber a fighting chance. I noticed you said that we could email with a few suggestions. I thought I would give you some. Two people I really like currently who are uber small. Roachess Gaming Channel and Beta Tide.I like them because they are so nice to their small following. When I subbed to Beta tide I got a personal message from them thanking me for subbing, We even talked a little bit longer after. Ro' is always talking to people on twitt

Thank you! That was the plan originally, but I’m so behind in the youtube scene. I’m going to try and update stuff when I have free time, but if anyone wants to help out on the blog, shoot us a message!

this question is haunting me.. do u know if kalel dislikes louie?? they never talk during the vlogs and he eats live animals in one of his channels. I'm just inferring. Does anyone know though?

I’m not sure! I know shes near him in a picture anthony posted on instagram!